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MONKEY, ASEI, SENTANI, 2011 36″ X 39.5″
Sentani Arts is proud to have collaborated with Asian Culture Enterprise Singapore (ACES) in presenting “Rebirthing Traditions,” a solo exhibition by Agustinus Ongge aimed at regenerating communities through the arts. “Rebirthing Traditions” featured signature pieces of Kombou tree bark paintings created between 2010 and 2011.  The exhibition was held as part of the “Generating Ideas—Generating Communities” theme for Asia on the Edge 2011.
ASEI, SENTANI 2010, 22″X33″
MOTIF , ASEI, SENTANI, 2011 42″ X 39.5″
SWIRLS OF LAKE , ASEI, SENTANI, 2011 35″ X 41.5″

Kombouw bart art paintings by Master Artist Agustinus Ongge, Asei, Lake Sentani, West Papua. The works of Agus Ongge has been exhibited in Australia, Europe and throughout Asia.

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